Judd Consultancy advocates the smooth running of construction projects as the best method to avoid disputes and we seek to achieve this in all circumstances. Statistics show that when our project management services are used, disputes are usually avoided and we always aim to resolve any that do arise before legal action is necessary. In situations where legal action was the only option, clients we advise have been successful in every case during more than 20 years of client representation.

In our experience most situations and disputes surround financial matters or extensions of time issues. It is our expertise in these and all other construction disputes that is of most benefit to clients. Many dispute situations that arise are predictable; we have the experience and we’ve seen them before. Because of this, we usually know the best solution for a quick and lasting resolution.

Dispute Resolution services at a glance:

  • Multiple-successes at achieving out of court resolution
  • Prepare adjudication referrals
  • Prepare pre action protocol documentation
  • Prepare for arbitration
  • Prepare for court